Gift cards at spice home and garden

So Why Are Gift Cards The Ultimate Present?

Ever had that sinking feeling when you realize you’ve given someone a gift they don’t like?

We know that even if you buy something that’s been made to last, you’re never guaranteed to get it right when it comes to gifting. Regardless of whether it ends up in the bin, at a charity shop or being gifted again to another awkward recipient, giving people stuff they don’t want is just wasteful.

There’s a way to bypass bad gift purchasing, where you can give someone the perfect present they’ll love for life.

The answer? Gift cards.

With our range of gift cards, we want to make the idea of gifting gift cards the pinnacle of conscious gifting. Here’s why:. 

1. No more unwanted gifts

It is awkward to buy things that aren’t wanted, and it wastes money, time, and resources. A gift card gives the gift of choice, eliminating the possibility of a disappointing gift and giving your loved one the freedom to choose something they actually need.

2. Supporting Irish Businesses

Spice Home and Garden Gift Cards are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, and it just so happens that by purchasing one, you’re supporting an Irish Business at the same time. We just love that!

3. It’s kinder to the environment

There aren’t just unwanted gifts that end up in landfills. Regardless of you budget constraints, purchasing a Spice Home and Gift Card can help your loved one to purchase items that they will use and cherish for years to come. Also, there’s no need for wasteful wrapping paper

4. There’s no accounting for taste

There is no doubt that clothing and accessories are one of the most disappointing gifts. This is because taste and style are so individual; even if you think you know what someone likes, it is likely that you don’t. Even worse, now they will be forced to wear it every time they see you! Avoid awkward unwrapping moments by letting them pick something they love.

5. Contribute to something bigger

How would you feel if you were given one amazing present instead of ten rubbish ones? Maybe what your loved one really wants is a dream item they can’t afford alone. When you purchase a Spice Home and Garden Gift Card, you are able to contribute toward the ultimate present, while working within a budget that works for you. 

6. Forces them to treat themselves!

When given the gift of choice, why wouldn’t you just give cash? We all know that life gets in the way on a regular basis, and it is hard to put aside money to select a special ‘treat’ purchase for yourself, even when told to. A gift card is a thoughtful present that allows the recipient to treat themselves to something they love instead of just spending the money on their weekly food shop.

7. Loved for life

The term ’emotional durability’ refers to an item’s ability to remain a treasure for years to come. You might not get this result if you buy something for your loved one on a whim, but by giving someone the option to choose a gift increases the likelihood of it staying in their life forever.

8. Money well spent

We place so many expectations on ourselves when it comes to gift giving that we often forget that we earned the money we are spending and shouldn’t just throw it away on a whim! Gift cards help to ensure that gift purchases are productive, thoughtful and wanted. 

9. Don’t rush into a bad purchase

Every one of us has been there – that anxiety-filled power walk around the high street just before the shops close, trying to pick up the ‘that’ll do’ gift. Purchasing a Spice Home and Garden Gift Card is not only effortless and instantaneous, but also provides the recipient with the chance to choose their own gift, without being pressured.

10. Easy to Present

Wrapping presents can create a mess & a lot of waste. Eliminate this problem, with a gift card from Spice Home and Garden. You can slip it into a beautiful card and add a personal touch with a handwritten note and it will feel like a very personal gift, without all that hassle that comes with trying to find the right present.