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Being organised and having the right tools and equipment to carry out your painting project when using one of our products is essential. Once you have the right tools and equipment you are well on your way!

There are a variety of tools you may need to carry out your painting project and these requirements can differ project by project, however in most cases the necessary tools are typically the same. We have produced a general checklist to help you along the way!


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  • Dust / Protective Sheets – Cotton, or polythene sheeting for covering furniture and carpets.
  • Dust Brush – Removes dirt, dust and debris prior to painting.
  • Filler – For filling holes, cracks, splits and indentations in all types of surfaces, both internal and external.
  • Filling Knife – Flexible tools for applying filler.
  • Masking Tape / Delicate Tape – For fixing down sheeting and protecting surfaces during painting, e.g. skirting boards or aroudn plug sockets.
  • Scrapers – Various sizes for removing paper and flaking paint during the preparation process.
  • Sandpaper – Various grades for rubbing down surfaces prior to painting are available from fine to coarse.
  • Sponges – For washing/cleaning down surfaces prior to painting.
  • Sugar Soap – For washing/cleaning down surfaces prior to painting.

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  • Brushes – A good quality brush is important to achieve the best results. A synthetic brush is recommended for use with water based paints and can also be used for Solvent based paints too, however if available we would recommend using a bristle brush for solvent based wood and metal paints such as non-drip gloss.
  • Roller Arms / Cages – Various sizes available for a variety of roller sleeves.
  • Roller Poles – Enables application to high points.
  • Roller Sleeves – Medium pile for smooth and slightly textured surfaces. Heavy pile for textured surfaces such as pebbledash. Foam rollers for applying paint to doors and some of our more specialist ranges such as Metallics.
  • Roller Tray – Various types and sizes. For holding paint during application.
  • Fine Tape – If creating designs and shapes, high quality fine tape will provide the best results.

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  • White Spirit – To be used to clean paint brushes that have been used with solvent based paints.
  • Bin Bags – To dispose of rubbish.
  • Cloths / Rags – Cleaning up and wiping down surfaces.
  • Bucket – To allow brushes / rollers to soak.

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