Party Corner at Spice Home and Garden

With restrictions now lifted, we think that everyone should be in the party mood! It’s been so long since we’ve all come together and celebrate, there’s no better time to celebrate – especially if you missed out on those big milestone birthdays and events!

At Spice Home and Garden, we a have a dedicated team to help you get the most out of your party planning. With tips & hints, a wide range of decorations from table decorations, themed decorations, helium balloons and more, a trip to Spice Home and Garden is well worth the visit for all your party needs.


Throwing a party can be stressful and constantly feels like your spending a fortune on non-essentials. Check out our handy checklist below to keep yourself on track.

Party Corner at Spice Home and Garden

It isn’t a party unless you have decorations! In our eyes, you can’t have too much decorations. Here’s some ideas of some decorations that are easy and will instantly make a party

  • Streamers – attached to the ceiling or just loose on the table, streamers add an instant pop of colour.
  • Balloons – do we need to say more? 🙂 Balloons are a brilliant decoration and can be attached anywhere.
  • Banners and Bunting – Balloons not your thing? Bunting and Banners are a great decoration to add that extra touch to any party

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Feeding all these people can be an intimidating task but make it easy on yourself by getting some of our fabulous disposables.

  • Tablecloth – A plastic table cloth does more than just tying your theme together, it also protects your table from unwanted spills and mess. 
  • Plates & Silverware – Paper Plates and Plastic Silverware make the cleaning up a breeze, simply pop into the bin for a quick cleanup.
  • Napkins – You’ll be surprised how many drinks get spilled at a party so you can’t go wrong with a big pack of napkins. Its an essential in our eyes. 
  • Cups – Paper and plastic cups are an absolute essential, especially when dealing with kids, you don’t want to spend the day sweeping up broken cups.
  • Cake Stands – Cake stands are a fantastic way to showcase all the sweet treats on your table by giving them elevation above all the finger food.
  • Candles – No birthday is complete without the candles on top of the cake!
  • Serving Spoons and Tongs – Keep things hygienic and mess free when you have Serving Spoons and Tongs on the side!
  • Party Hats – No party is complete without the all time party favourite, the party hats! 
  • Piñata – A great way for adults and kids alike to smash something and still get some sweet treats!
  • Party favors – Grab bags & loot bags have been gaining in popularity over the years! Pack them with sweets, treats, mini toys, and hand them out at the end of the party! Always a winning gift!
  • Pass the Parcel – Simply wrap a small gift layers of wrapping paper/cling film with a surprise in each layer, you’d be surprised how fun it gets to the end of all the wrapping
  • Musical statues – a great way to get everyone up and dancing! Simply play an upbeat song and dance away – but when the music stops, the players should freeze in whatever pose their in!

The goal is to cater for all diets and restrictions, what you serve will vary per party. You might go big or go small, here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Sandwiches
  • Pasta salad
  • Cocktail Sausages 
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Chicken Dippers
  • Chips
  • Water
  • Juice

Be sure to check out our party package below to take the stress out of party planning! 


We have a wide range of birthday decorations in store with our essentials online, from tableware, to decorations, pinatas and more, be sure to check out our range of party items today!


Take the stress out of your party planning with Spice Home and Garden’s amazing party package! You can get all of this for just €49

  • 2 x Sets of Balloons – (3 Latex Balloons & Weight)
  • 2 x Multi-Pack Crisps
  • 2 x 10pk Capri-Sun
  • 2 x Packs of Party Bags
  • 1 x Haribo Sweet Tub
  • 2 x 1kg Chicken Bites
  • 2 x 2.5kg Chips
  • 1 x 4.5kg Cocktail Sausages


Party Package at Spice Home and Garden

*Available in store only, Terms & Conditions Apply, While Stocks Last, E&OE


Take the stress out of your party planning with Spice Home and Garden’s amazing party package! You can get all of this for just €49

Party Corner at Spice Home and Garden

Helium Balloons are available to order in-store only

We suggest you order 24 hours in advance where possible to avoid busy times in-store. The girls will then ensure your balloons are kept by  to be filled upon payment on your collection day.  *Please note: we are unable to take payment over the phone

Balloon Price List:

  • Circular/square Foil balloons €5.00 each – happy birthday, congratulations, etc
  • Latex Coloured Balloons – €1.00 each – Wide Variety of colours
  • Large Character Foil Balloons – Starting from €8.99 each – unicorns, etc
  • Big Number Foil Balloons – €7.99 each
  • Big Letter Foil Balloons – €8.99 each
  • Weights – €1.00 each