Our in-house horticulturists Liam & Ryan have been busy recording useful ‘How To’ Gardening videos with gardening tips for our customers. With unique insights for the Irish climate you can discover how to make the most of your garden, big or small!

Missed an episode? You can catch up here! We’ll add each episode onto this page so you can be revert back whenever you like

Episode One: Hydrangeas

Liam talks through caring for Hydrangeas explaining why some are Pink and others Blue and how to change the colour of your hydrangea should you wish to do so.

Liam and Ryan focus on Buxus plants, from the basic round ball to pyramid shape and curving structures.

Episode 3 - Bedding

Stacia and Liam share how best to look after hanging baskets & plants for containers/bedding

Episode 4 - Lawn Care

Ryan and Liam take us through how best to care for your lawn from preparation to enjoyment. 

Episode 5 - Roses

Liam and Ryan look at Roses and the best ways to look after your roses, through feeding, watering, pruning and more!

Episode 6 - Perennials

Liam talks us through Perennials choosing a few favourites including Babys Breath, Pot friendly Marguerite and more!

Episode 7 - Pollinators

In this week’s episode, Liam and Ryan talk us through the choice of pollinators that we have to offer!

Liam and Ryan talk us through the best plants for shaded gardens and walk us through their suggestions of the range of shade loving plants that we have to offer!

Episode 9 - Ryan's Top Picks

In this week’s episode, our friendly in store Horticulturist Ryan talk us through his top picks of plants that we have in stock this weekend!

Episode 10 - Watering Plants

With a few tips and tricks, this week Liam and Ryan talk to us about how efficiently water your plants to keep them nice and hydrated throughout this heatwave! 

Episode 11 - Herbs

In this week’s gardening video, we have Liam and Stacia here to talk about a variety of herbs, their benefits and how to look after them so that they strive in your garden

Episode 12 - Drift Planting

In this week’s video, Liam talks us through the method of Drift Planting! Its a easy way to make your garden look more mature, cut down on weeds as well as adding a massive splash of colour and diversity to your garden!

Episode 13 -Slugs

Slugs and snails are starting to run havoc in your garden. But don’t stress, this week Liam and Ryan are here to discuss slugs and how to deter or remove them from problem areas in your garden with a wide variety of methods!

Episode 14 - Spring Bulbs

Its never too early to start planning your garden for next year, especially when it comes to spring bulbs! Liam and Ryan talk us through our selection of spring bulbs talong with hints and tips on how to correctly plant the bulbs!

Episode 15 - Time for Winter Seeds!

Liam and Ryan discuss why its the perfect time of year for winter seeds! With hints and tips throughout, as well as some ideas of some winter vegetables for your garden.

Episode 16 - Winter Bedding

The weather is getting colder and it means that a lot of your summer plants will be dying off. But why not revive your garden for the winter with winter plants?

Episode 17 - Flowering Heathers

Wanting more variety of colour and texture in your garden throughout all of the seasons? Why not check out Flowering Heathers as a quick and simple way to transform your garden space!

Episode 18 - Autumn Lawn Care

As winter approaches, you may notice some of your plants are becoming dormant, now is the time to give your garden some TLC with some Autumn Lawn Feed